Welcome to NSD!!! We are excited to begin our 48th  year of shaping the lives of children through our arts program. We offer Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Acro, Lyrical, Musical Theatre, and  Hip Hop. Next Step Dance is proud to accept students from age 2 & up. Our Staff is ready to assist you with all your dance needs from registration, shoes, leotards and tights!

WHO ARE WE.......NSD! 

Policy/Agreement/Registration Fee
This POLICY/AGREEMENT is made and effective as of date executed by and The Next Step Dance Studio/Next Step Dance ("NSD"), located at 7712 Sossamon Lane NW, Concord, NC 28027 ("NSD"), and the adult or guardian ("ADULT/PARENT/GUARDIAN"), is executing this AGREEMENT personally on behalf of himself/herself and any minor child/children specified herein as ("STUDENTS/PARTICIPATES").

*Policies posted on our online parent portal are the full policies that parents sign off on.  Those policies are fully up to date and take precedent over these.


The Registration fee is charged to your debit or credit card upon registering today. We are fully secure meeting all requirements for PCI compliance rules.   *There is only (1) Registration Fee due for an entire year beginning with Summer Registration .  If your child also registers for the Fall Session there will not be another Registration Fee due at that time. 

WE ARE YOUR ONE STOP DANCE STUDIO: Purchase dancewear/tights/most shoes all at NSD!

There is a registration fee of $40.00 for the first child and $20.00 for each additional child in the immediate (living under the same roof) family due at registration. This is non-refundable should you decide against dance classes. When you register you are agreeing to start tuition the month we begin not when your child starts class. Example: Parent registers child for Hip Hop in June. Fall Classes begin August so you owe 3/4 of August tuition even if your child does not begin classes until September. A class space was reserved for your child, this may have caused another child to be refused placement in the class of their choice. Registration fees begin during summer registration and continue through that fall session, regardless of when your child registers for that dance season. Competition students are NOT allowed to take classes until we receive your signed contract and registration fee.

It is the responsibility of the teacher to place each child in a class most suitable for him or her. On occasion it may become necessary to move a child to another class after initial placement. We ask that you give us at least a month to make any class changes, and please trust our judgment in class placement. It is our goal to place every child where they will receive the best dance education for their age and ability level.

Regular attendance is necessary to maintain progress in class and to enable the teacher to choreograph dance numbers for the correct number of students in the class. Please notify us if there are to be extended absences.

We will contact you via email if we have questions on your registration. Thank you for registering with NSD! We are happy you joined us!


Emails, Voice Mail, and Images
CHECK YOUR ONLINE ACCOUNT TO VIEW ALL EMAILS.  Emails will be sent weekly to keep communication open with all parents. Emails should be checked daily. It is advised to set up a folder in your email account to keep all emails from NSD organized for reference. If you have questions that cannot be found through email or visiting our website, please let us know. We email out ALL Important information, post information on our calendar/website and on the lobby bulletin board. We do our part in communicating announcements and leave it to you, the parents to check emails, website and bulletin board. NSD is a GREEN studio as we do not send out notes. Please check your child's online account accessible through our website www.thenextstepnc.com

Please refrain from contacting staff on any social media or personal cell phones. Business questions can be emailed to NSD or by leaving a voice mail at 704-786-7837. Messages will be answered within 24 hours during business days. Office Hours are Monday - Thursday 5:00pm - 9:00pm. Emails are often checked throughout the day and we will response ASAP.

Images of your child may be captured through live Facebook, video, photo and digital camera, to be used solely for the purposes of Next Step Dance promotional material and publications, and I waive any rights of compensation or ownership thereto. Permission is hereby granted to Next Step Dance unless otherwise received in writing.

Competition: You will receive a specific contract that must be signed by parent and student before classes begin August 1st. There is also a parent competition meeting that 1 parent MUST attend or have a private meeting with the owners. The contract will be emailed to you to print and return to NSD by August 1st. You will also receive specific emails as the decisions are made regarding shoes, tights, extra accessories to purchase that are not included with your costume payment. These shoes be purchase immediately because of back orders or out of stock issues to arise. Along with costumes you will need to purchase specific make-up/hair accessories on your own and attend any meetings to apply make-up and competition hair even if your child has been at NSD previously. Additional fees such as jewelry/eyelashes will be required as well. Additional rehearsals may be scheduled in a timely manner and attendance is mandatory. See Contract and emails.


Tuition, NSF, Costume, Recital and Comp. Fee's
Payments to NSD can be made using Cash or Master Card/Visa/Money Orders. All customers will be required to have a debit/credit card on file at all times. When payment is NOT received by the due date your card will be charged. Example: Tuition is due on the 1st of each month with a 15 day grace period. On the 15th if tuition is still owed your card on file will be charged. The same policies applies with costumes, recital fee and competition fee's (see below)

 *Automatic Draft is available free of charge. You give us the right to process payments due for tuition, costumes, recital fee. Anything else you would like us to draft from your account you must let us know.

*Registration Fee - DRAFTED at time of Registration with the card on file.

*Tuition is due the 1st of each month, with a 15th day grace period for payment.  If your tuition is not paid on the 15th or declines, then you will receive a $20.00 late fee.  If tuition is still overdue on the 30th, an additional late fee of $10.00 is added to your account and your child is asked not to return until tuition is paid current. If the 15th is on a business day, Monday – Thursday, you have until 9:00pm to pay your tuition online or in person.  If the 15th falls on a non-business day, tuition will be drafted anytime that day.  Our system does not batch out until 8:30pm so the tuition will show processing in your account until the bank closes out for the day. Tuition is the same regardless of 3 classes or 5 classes. Classes are divided equally to receive the same amount including holidays. August Tuition is 3/4 month for recreational students and a full month for competition students. June Tuition is 3/4 month and due on May 1st which will include May and June Tuition is prorated. Students starting after the 1st of the month tuition will be due at time of registration and pro-rated if a class was missed. Summer Tuition is due by July 1st. If the student registers after July 1st then tuition is due at the time of registration. 

*Recital Costume Payments - Due by November 30th. Recital is optional, parents must let us know in writing if your child will not be in the recital. Competition Students the recital is NOT optional. All NSD students ages 2-18 perform in our recital for all classes.  At time of registration the costume cost will be posted to your account for each class and will be due by November 30th. This gives you time to budget for the costumes. (Competition Costumes - see Competition Contract) If a student starts class after the costume order has been placed an additional shipping fee is charged along with a late fee of $20.00. Check studio bulletin board and www.thenextstepnc.com calendar page for our Rehearsal and Recital Date which is usually mid-June.

*Rehearsal and Recital could begin as early as 1:00pm on a weekday.  Plan ahead to take off work. 

*Costume Deposits for Competition Students - Due on the 30th for of each month per costume (see contract) Drafted on the 30th at 9:00pm if not received.

*Competition Fee's for Competition Students - See Contract for specific due dates.  If payment not received by the due date account will be DRAFTED on the night it is due at 9:00pm

*Annual Recital Fee - Due March 30th  (see Picture Week, Recital and Dress Rehearsal below) Drafted at 9:00Ppm on March 30th if not paid

*Additional Fees/Costs: Tuition does not include recital/performance costumes, additional rehearsals, registration and recital/competition fees, attire (including shoes, tights, and apparel), private and semi-private classes, traveling/lodging costs, or photography packages. There are absolutely no refunds or credits given for these fees and costs for any reason.

If my debit/credit card is drafted and non-sufficient funds are received a $20.00 late fee will be added to my account. I will receive an email notice of non-sufficient funds and must pay NSD within 5 days. Non-Payment for 2 months in a row will result in your account being sent to our collection agency in Davidson, NC and your child will not be allowed to dance until account is paid in full.

Non-Sufficient Checks: Fee Charge is $25.00. Check will only be deposited one time. Cash, Certified Check, Visa, MasterCard is accepted after 1 bounced check.

I understand that this authorization will remain in effect until I cancel it in writing, and I agree to notify Next Step Dance in writing of any changes in my account information or termination of this authorization at least 15 days prior to the next billing date. If the above noted payment dates fall on a weekend or holiday, I understand that the payments may be executed on the next business day. I certify that I am an authorized user of this credit card account and will not dispute these scheduled transactions with my credit card company so long as the transactions correspond to the terms indicated in this authorization form. You authorize regularly scheduled charges to your credit card account on the terms listed under "Tuition, Costume and Comp. Fee's". You will be charged the amount indicated on each billing period. A receipt for each payment will be emailed to you. You agree that no prior-notification will be provided unless the date or amount changes, in which case you will receive notice from us at least 10 days prior to the payment being collected.

Attire, Shoes and Hair
WE ARE YOUR ONE STOP DANCE STUDIO: Purchase sensory friendly dancewear/tights along with shoes (except the low-top Converse black/white for hip hop recreational classes) from us.  At the time of fitting/ordering shoes/dancewear payment is due by e-payment.

NO SHOES ARE TO BE WORN OUTSIDE.  This includes hip hop shoes.  Shoes worn outside pick up rocks,  dirt, gum, grease and can damage our dance floors.  Flip Flops/Slides/Tennis shoes must be worn to and from class.  

Students must have a dance bag for all their personal items. Please label all shoes, bags and clothing with your child's name. We are not responsible for items left in the studio.

Appropriate dance/gymnastics attire must be worn during class. Students will not be able to attend class without proper attire. A situation may occur once or twice where student arrives without dance attire and that is okay, but please do not make a habit of this.    Hair must be secured in a ponytail or bun for ballet classes and fly away hair sprayed back.

Please do not let your child arrive and leave the studio unless regular clothes are put over their leotard and tights.  If students are dropped off in the parking lot it is the parents responsibility to make sure they get into the building.  We may not always have someone at the front desk.  Parents MUST come in to get their child.  No children are allowed in the parking lot for safety reasons.  

Tiny Steppers & Ballet/Tap/Jazz Combo: Leotard and footed tights of any color/style. Stay away from long skirts.

Hip Hop: Yoga/workout pants, fitted t-shirt or tank tops. No shorts or skirts or sports bras

Acro: Fitted booty shorts and a leotard.  Barefooted.  No sports bras or loose clothing

Ballet Technique (Middle School, High School and Competition Students): Black leotard and Pink Tights, hair in a bun

Lyrical/Musical Theatre Classes: Leotard, tights or leggings 

Competition Classes: Specific shoes other than what may be purchased for recreational classes will be emailed ASAP. Yoga pants/booty shorts, leotard or sports bras for all classes. No baggy clothing allowed as to see the proper form of body positions.


Five or Less Students in Class
If there are five (5) or less students in a class, class time may be reduced or class may be canceled and students will be asked to attend another class during the week. There are no refunds for a cancelled class; however, the fee for that class can be transferred over to another day/time. In the event alternative arrangements cannot be made by the student's parent/guardian, the student's account can be credited for another dance year.

Discontinued Classes
If a student must withdraw, it is the parent's responsibility to notify the office in writing at a minimum of 15 days before payment is due to be drafted from your account. Unused fees may be applied to future classes in the dance year. NO REFUNDS are issued for Registration Fee, tuition, costume, shoes, accessories, recital fees or any fee's posted to your account. You are responsible for tuition through your child's last month with us only.

Extra Safety Information/Viewing
Please remain in the lobby area while waiting for class to begin or let out. Please be courteous to fellow parents. Our waiting areas can become crowded and a little common courtesy can go a long way.

Since our location is public please do not let your child arrive and leave the studio unless regular clothes are put over their leotard and tights. 

1. The area should be clear to change classes from dance rooms.

2. No Horseplay: Parents are asked to keep students and waiting siblings from any horseplay/running/loud noise in the lobby.

3. Students should not be performing any gymnastics in the lobby.

4. Food/Drinks: Drinks, sodas, coffee, gum, or food of any kind are only allowed in the lobby. Light and healthy snacks (i.e. fruit, vegetables, granola bar, but NO NUTS, etc.) are allowed by our students and encouraged if a student is in multiple classes. All food must remain in the lobby only. Water is the only beverage students are permitted to bring to class. Please remember to clean up after yourself in the lobby as we do not have a cleaning service.

5. Students should not be dropped off earlier than 10 minutes prior to class or stay longer than 5 minutes afterwards. Please walk your student in or make sure they have gone inside their dance room before leaving. The handicapped spot is not to be used as a drop off point unless you have a handicapped placard. Students must remain inside until their ride arrives.

6. No student of any age should hang out in the parking lot without a parent present.

7. No student is to leave the studio without a parent. This includes during any breaks the student may have between classes.

8. Viewing Monitor: Please stay within the designated viewing area at all times. Failure to do so may cause a disruption in  No viewing is allowed inside the dance rooms due to safety and space issues. A conflict of authority occurs when a parent is trying to  coach the child as well.   

Picture Week, Recital (and Dress Rehearsal)
*Shoes and Tights must be purchased through Next Step Dance in order for all students to look alike*

WE ARE YOUR ONE STOP DANCE STUDIO: Purchase dancewear/tights/most shoes all at NSD! Chuck Taylor Low Top (black & white) purchase your own.

Picture week is scheduled in March or April (no classes that week, only pictures and dance classes will not have a make-up day). Costumes must be ordered in November in order to arrive by March. Every studio is the United States is ordering within a month's time frame and we wish to get our orders in ASAP.

Recital Costume Cost will be posted to your account at time of registration. Costumes are due by November 30th, for all students participating in the annual recital. If not paid by, drafted at 9:00pm on November 30th.  If your child will not be participating, please provide this in writing. Costume payments are not refundable. Costume alterations are your responsibility.

Recitals: Your child is either in the recital for all classes that they are enrolled in at the time costumes are ordered or they are out of the recital. You cannot choose which classes to opt out of for the recital.

Recital Fee: Due by March 30th and drafted at 9:00pm if not paid on March 30th.  (estimate $90.00 1st child and $15.00 each additional). This fee includes the link to the entire recital, LIVE Stream, and helps defray the cost of the auditorium, programs, trophies/awards and free admission for your family and friends.

If your child is in the recital they MUST be at the dance rehearsal as well. Please note that the rehearsal could be on a Friday EARLY afternoon and/or Recital could be on a Sunday. The date for rehearsal and recital will be given out in August or September of the current year. Recital fee and Costume Fees are non-refundable.

Missed Classes/Holidays/Bad Weather Closings
Dance classes will be held on days that Cabarrus County public school is out for teacher workdays. As always check our website for a complete calendar of events. Cancellations due to bad weather will be made by 2:00pm of the day in question. Please check emails and the calendar on our website for updated information.

*During Spring time season if your student signs up for another activity outside of dance please remember that dance is the FIRST PRIORITY.  (Example:  Student signs up for soccer in May on Wednesdays when your child has hip hop.  Please let your soccer coach know they will miss soccer until after our recital in June).  Students/Parents cannot pick which weeks to miss dance for soccer as this is also a team "sport" and all players are needed to complete recital routines.

We offer make-up classes for any student that is absent. Please see the front desk to get a list of available classes. Tuition does not change for any student missing classes for sickness, injuries, hospital stay/surgeries or vacations. if your child is injured they are welcome to "sit" during class time so the material is not missed during their absence. Please bring a note or email the studio in this circumstance. NSD has reserved a space for your child in class and tuition is still due regardless of the circumstance. Missed Classes: Make-up classes are available; however, you must notify the office prior to an absence from class to be eligible for a make-up class. The make-up class must be completed within thirty (30) days from the date of the missed class. Missed classes will not be applied toward future tuition. There are no refunds or credits for missed classes.

Sick Policy: Students should remain fever, vomiting, and diarrhea free for at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to each class they attend. A student's participation in class with slight colds, allergies, runny noses, etc. will be at the discretion of the parent. Competition students must be present when possible during sickness, even if sitting, to avoid missing any changes.

Medical Emergency
The undersigned gives permission to "The Next Step Dance Studio", its owners and operators to seek medical treatment for the participant in the event they are not able to reach a parent or guardian. NSD will call 911 first, then the parents. I hereby declare any physical/mental problems, restrictions, or condition and/or declare the participant to be in good physical and mental health.

Medical Insurance: NSD does not carry medical insurance for its students. It is required that all dance students be covered by their own family insurance and if injury occurs it is understood that the student's policy is the only source of reimbursement.

Release of Liability
As the legal parent or guardian, I release and hold harmless "The Next Step Dance Studio", its owners and operators from any and all liability, claims, demands, and causes of action whatsoever, arising out of or related to any loss, damage, or injury, including death, that may be sustained by the participant and/or the undersigned, while in or upon the premises or any premises under the control and supervision of "The Next Step Dance Studio", its owners and operators or in route to or from any of said premises.

Disruptive Behavior
We want to be proactive in any situation. We are a family at Next Step Dance fostering a positive environment for your child and request the same from you.

 Please treat this facility as if it were your home (i.e. pick up after yourself, your children, and your guests; monitor your children not in class; do not stand on chairs or put feet on walls; damage property, etc.). Any person who shows negative or disrespectful behavior, including but not limited to poor sportsmanship, rude and/or aggressive comments through email, in person, social media and/or voicemail; toward any parent, student or staff may be asked to leave the premises and not to return. This type of behavior may also lead to the student's account being immediately terminated without refund.

By Parents/Guardians/Bystanders: Please do not interrupt class for any reason, unless it is an emergency.If you would like to speak to the instructor, please leave a note for the instructor at the front desk or contact the studio through email. Please do not try to catch an instructor between classes. Class schedules are very tight and our instructors would like to give your questions and concerns the proper attention.

By Students: Unruly classroom behavior will not be tolerated from any student. Students participating in class shall not cause a disruption to the class, including but not limited to not paying attention in class, not listening to the instructor's direction, and/or actively causing a disruption in class. If such behavior occurs, the instructor has the discretion to respond in a manner reasonably necessary to regain the attention of the student and to stop the disruptive behavior, including but not limited to removing the student from class, brief time-out(s) for the student. There will be no refunds or credits given for missed time from class and if a student is asked to leave class, the class will be treated as a missed class.

Hands on Facility/Assumption of Risk
This is a hands on facility. This means physical contact that is reasonably intended to coach, teach or demonstrate a particular skill or to prevent or lessen injury (i.e. spotting, catching) will be used. Infrequent, non-intentional physical contact, particularly contact which arises out of an error or a misjudgment on the part of the student and/or instructor/assistant does not constitute physical abuse. We have not adopted any specific definition of abuse; rather, it defers to such general sources and definitions for reference and application, depending upon the circumstances. This applies to all classes at NSD where the instructor/assistant will be spotting/touching/moving the student.

Assumption of Risk: Participation in the activities and use of the equipment at Next Step Dance/NSD is purely voluntary and constitutes inherently risky activities that may result in serious injury and/or property damage to PARTICIPANTS and/or third parties. Safety equipment and apparatus is provided for the protection of PARTICIPANTS, including physical contact by instructors that is reasonably intended to coach, teach or demonstrate a particular skill or to prevent or lessen injury (i.e. spotting, catching). Any property damaged by parent/student during any horseplay activity will be paid for by the parent. However, all safety risks cannot be eliminated. RELEASING PARTICIPANTS hereby assume the risk of personal injury or death, damage to property, and injury to third parties that arise out of or relate in any way to PARTICIPANTS' past, present or future use of the equipment, any of the other facilities at NSD and participation in the activities at NSD.
Costume Measuring and Fitting
Students will be measured during class time to compare measurements to the costume catalogs NSD orders through. These measurements are not shared with anyone other that NSD staff. Once costumes have arrived ALL costumes will be tried on during class time for viewing by the instructor/director for proper fit. If you wish to decide your own child's measurements you must do so in writing only (not email) by November 15th. If a student starts classes after the costume order has been placed an additional shipping charge is due. If the parent determines the costume size and it is incorrect any shipping fee's and exchange fee's are the responsibility of the parent. All costume alterations are the responsibility of the parent for them to alter personally or take the costume to an alterations establishment. We do not alter any costumes. No refunds on costumes.

Signature Text
AGREEMENT: Parent: These policies and procedures may change without notice at any time. Should any policy and/or procedure change, NSD will email the new changed to the parent/guardian email on file to sign in and sign-off on the updated policies and procedures within a reasonable time after the new policy and/or procedure has been implemented by NSD. RELEASING PARTIES understand and acknowledge that compliance with NSD's policies and procedures is a condition precedent for PARTICIPANT's enrollment, participation in the activities, use of the equipment and any of the other facilities at the NSD .

AGREEMENT Parent acknowledges that he/she has read and understands each and every provision of this AGREEMENT, and by placing his/her signature at the end of this AGREEMENT/POLICIES, represents that he/she has voluntarily assumed the obligations contained herein and intentionally waived all the rights stated herein, of his/her own free will. ADULT further certifies that he/she is a parent/guardian with legal responsibility for any minor child/children and desires that PARTICIPANTS participate in the activities and use the equipment available at Next Step Dance.

Thank you for your support of Next Step Dance!   We look forward to getting to know you and your child this dance season!

Stephanie Sloop