Attire for Classes


BALLET: The basis of all dance movement. Enhances technical form, alignment, placement and posture. Recommended for all students of all ages and levels.

TINY STEPPERS (ages 2-5):  Ballet & Tap Combo Class,  Ballet/Creative Movement Class, acro (age 4), or Hip Hop Class.   * NEW PARENT ANDCHILD CLASS starting summer 2024.  These are Introductory level classes with emphasis on motor skill development  through basic dance technique.   Our age appropriate curriculum stimulates co-ordination , gross motor skills, social and emotional development.  Our dancers gain confidence and develop self expression through the exploration of movement.

TAP: Performed in hard sole shoes with attached metal taps.  Essential classes for learning rhythmic dynamics, speed and agility.  Suggested for students 4 and older.

JAZZ:  An American art form drawing from ballet technique.  Jazz technique taught from proper stretching to across the floor & center work. Suggested for students 5 and older. Fast Paced Jazz with formation changes incorporating leaps, turns, kicks and tilts.

LYRICAL:  Flowing movements with emphasis on character and portraying the ideas in the music. 

HIP HOP:  Fast tempo dance best known for use in music videos, America’s Best Dance Crew, So You Think You Can Dance.  Boys and Girls ages 5 and up.

ACRO:  Floor skills from the beginner to the advanced.  Rolls, handstands, front/back limbers/walkovers, back handsprings to aerials. Conditioning and strength technique weekly.  Acro dancers are stronger and more flexible.  Acro Dance class helps students perform acro skills in their dance routines.

MUSICAL THEATRE:  Musical theatre is a form of theatrical performance that combines songs, spoken dialogue, acting and dance.

POINTE:  Movement performed on hard toe shoes. Must be approved by instructor.

COMPETITION CLASSES: Senior, Teen, Junior, Petite, & Mini.  Ages 7 and older. Compete in Lyrical, Jazz, Tap, Musical Theatre, and Hip Hop.  

featuring sensory friendly dancewear for both young and older students

The proper dance attire is needed for each discipline of dance.  We have these requirements in order for the student to dance to their full ability without being distracted  with unnecessary clothing.   WE ARE YOUR ONE STOP DANCE STUDIO:  Purchase sensory friendly dancewear & tights and shoes all at NSD!  (except the low-top converse black/white for hip hop recreational classes)  At time of fitting/ordering shoes/dancewear payment is due by e-payment. 

Students must have a dance bag for all their personal items. Please label all shoes, bags and clothing with your child's name. We are not responsible for items left in the studio.  Hair must be secured in a ponytail or bun for ballet classes and fly away hair sprayed back.  Students will not be able to attend class without proper attire. 

Dance shoes should NOT be worn outside                                  

  •      Tiny Steppers (2-5 yrs)  Leotard and footed tights of any color/style.  Stay away from long skirts. For Hip Hop, leggings with t-shirt.​
  •      Ballet, Tap & Jazz Combo:  Leotard and footed tights of any color/style.  Stay away from long skirts.
  •      Hip Hop: Yoga or workout pants, fitted t-shirt or tank tops.  No shorts or skirts.
  •      Acro:  Fitted  booty shorts and a leotard. Barefooted for class, No T-shirts​
  •      Ballet Technique (Middle School, High School and Competition Students):  Black leotard and Pink Tights, hair in a bun.
  •      Competition Classes:  Specific shoes other than what may be purchased for recreational classes will be emailed ASAP. Yoga pants/booty             shorts, leotard or sports bras for all classes.  No baggy clothing allowed as to see the proper form of body positions.