Fall Tuition:  Due August 1, 2018 with Registration Fee.  August is 1/2 of the month tuition.  All tuition not paid by August 15, 2018 will be drafted.  Ay monies owed will receive a $20.00 late fee.  Tuition Due on August 30, 2018 will be drafted and not paid will receive an additional $10.00 late fee.  At that time we ask that your child not attend class until tuition is current.  

Registration Fee:  Our  Registration Fee begins with Summer Session and carries you through the Fall Session.  If you take summer classes then you will not owe another registration when you sign up for Fall Session. 

Registration Fee is $35.00 for 1st student and $10.00 for each additional student in the same household.  This fee is due at registration.

​​Registration Fee is due at the time of Registration.  Tuition for Summer Classes and Summer Camps are due at time of registration.  

Daycare Dance:  If your child is enrolled at Harrisburg Presbyterian Daycare, Kids R Kids Daycare or Kings Keep Daycare and you would like to register for dance at that location please click the 2018-19 Fall Session button then scroll to find the name of the daycare . You will need to bring your child to the studio to be fitted for dance shoes.